Registered Childrens Homes Manager (New Home Coming Soon!)
£37440.00 - £62080.00 Per Annum
Residential Care
Surecare Resident



Salary: £37,600 - £44,720 - OTE £53,760 - £62,080



White Trees group is owned and operated by SureCare Residential Ltd.  Our role as a company is to provide a home for vulnerable and complex young people who find themselves in residential care for a magnitude of reasons, often completely out of their control and/or comprehension.  Our company was founded on the belief that what we do, not only keeps our young people safe and away from harm, we actually grow and develop and build brighter futures for all of the young people in our care. 

It is important that you understand your role within the company as a Homes Manager and spend as much time as possible learning about and understanding your role within the company.  It's not the individual that makes the difference in the long-term changes to a young person, it's the continuity that's provided through rigorous care planning, therapeutic interventions and understanding that the consistency of the team approach is what builds the brighter futures for all of our young people. 





The Manager is required to provide effective clinical leadership, governance and management and it is their responsibility to secure, sustain and promote the reputation and daily operation of the home. To ensure the delivery of high quality holistic care and to create a caring environment, conducive to individual needs and practice research development within the legislative framework of quality assurance. 

To provide a ‘needs led’ service for children & young people accommodated, by adopting a person-centred approach fostering self-awareness and reflection, personal growth and giving each person the strongest voice with regards to decision making and lifestyle choices. 



Leadership & Management 

  • To provide leadership & management to all staff, and ensure you deliver the highest possible quality of care within a safe working and living environment.  
  • To be a positive and effective role model for all employees, being approachable and providing a regular presence within the home, as well as being consistent in all actions and decisions.  
  • To set and maintain clear standards of care within the home in line with compliance expectations and under guidance and support of the compliance manager. 
  • To lead and manage a team of staff, understanding that others may have different views or ways of doing things. Promote tolerance and acceptance and raise any issues in an appropriate forum.   
  • To understand the importance of the shift pattern and on-call mechanisms, and being available as required 
  • Understanding that not turning up to work or confusing the rota or shift pattern can cause serious harm and confusion within the team 
  • You will make sure that any poor behaviour or conduct from colleagues is reported via the correct channels using our whistle blowing policy and procedures as guidance 
  • You must work collectively with your team, this may/will mean that your own values and beliefs must be put to one side so that frameworks and care planning can be delivered consistently 
  • To develop a culture of continuous quality improvement following guidance and support from the compliance manager. 
  • To maintain a comprehensive induction process for all new employees to ensure they are effectively introduced to the Home, young people, team and to deliver systems and procedures, and good practices in conjunction with CPD and organisational and policy and procedures. 
  • Ensure that organisation codes of professional conduct and other policy guidance relating to professional practices are always followed.  
  • Take responsibility and accountability for the delivery of professional, competent, and high-quality care. 
  • To conduct regular reviews with new employees during their probationary period, managing progress and shortfalls, and to always conduct the six-monthly review to confirm the appointment. 
  • To ensure all staff are annually appraised and that required standards of performance are being achieved, to manage under-performance / shortfalls through objective setting and regular reviews, and that regular supervisions occur in line with company policy.  
  • To ensure complaints and suggestions are positively actioned and dealt with correctly. 
  • To identify individual service needs in line with the home’s annual development plan, the workforce development plan. Monitoring & reviewing employee’s performance, arranging training and evaluating their effectiveness, and ensuring that staff have completed the required training each year. 
  • To facilitate and hold regular staff, young people, and stakeholders' consultations, to provide and receive feedback, and administer the questionnaires provided as part of the company’s Quality Assurance Systems. 


Main Duties - In the Home  

  • To ensure that agreed quality assurances initiatives are implemented within the home.  
  • Liaise with regulators and local authorities to ensure satisfactory standards are maintained 
  • To be the Lead for their home and to work in collaboration with the Company department heads as relevant, being accountable to the Senior Management Team. 
  • To provide improvement, independence, and choice for all young people, making sure they are always treated with dignity. 
  • To manage the effective use of resources and maintain full occupancy. 
  • To always comply with all regulatory requirements and in particular the Regulations for the Registration and Inspection of Children’s Residential Homes. 
  • To ensure policy and procedures are implemented and understood by all the staff to ensure the highest standard of care. 
  • Engage with our Wellbeing Services to ensure all of our young people get access to therapeutic interventions & support. 
  • To ensure that the home meets the individual needs of the young people as well as the needs of the organisation. (Homely environment with high standards of décor) 
  • To maintain the schedule of maintenance in line with health and safety expectations. 


Main Duties – Care planning 

  • To ensure that all children & young people have an up-date care plan, which is regularly evaluated and actively involves them in the preparation. 
  • To ensure all risks associated with care e.g., moving and handling, mobility, challenging behaviour are identified and correctly actioned.  
  • To regularly monitor the delivery of care given by all staff ensuring that the physical, social, psychological and emotional needs of the young people are recognised, assessed and met.  
  • To ensure the Home and its processes are fully compliant with the legislative regulatory framework, and that young people are empowered to make choices where able, and where not best interest decisions are made on their behalf involving all those necessary. 
  • To ensure that there is a regular programme of activities, which are arranged in line with the young people’s interests and needs.  
  • To ensure the young people receive a varied, balanced nutritional diet and menus are recorded. 
  • To ensure a named key worker key and worker system is in place for all the young people to facilitate, oversee and update care planning records. 
  • To ensure the quality assurance systems and contract monitoring reflects the standard of service provision expected.  
  • To arrange regular reviews and communications/consultations with Social Workers, young people, Relatives and Key Workers.  
  • To follow the admission policy and procedures and conduct a pre-admission assessment/matching for all potential young people, when managing referrals, with support and guidance from the area manager/referrals and placements manager. 
  • To meet professional and legal responsibilities for managing the storage, handling and administration of medications in the home. 
  • To meet professional and legal responsibilities for managing the administration, storage and safety of finances and petty cash in the home. Including managing the home's budgets. 
  • To always ensure the protection and safety of young people, which requires conducting regular health and safety checks and checks that the fire alarms & safety systems and procedures are always fully functional. 
  • To be responsible for completing the staff rota and ensuring that the staffing ratio meets the needs of the young people 
  • To ensure that all annual leave requests are coordinated in line with policy, to prevent disruption in the home. 
  • To monitor and manage sickness and absence by always conducting back to work interviews and correctly applying company policy.  
  • To carry out the duties of “The Responsible Individual” and ensure that the home complies with all statutory obligations and relevant legislation (e.g. environmental health, health & safety and fire regulations). To meet professional and legal responsibilities with Health and Safety issues and ensure that all monitoring requirements are met.  
  • To participate in safer recruitment, selection, and retention of staff, with support from the Head of recruitment and HR. 
  • To liaise effectively with Head Office Departments, building good working relationships, as required for the good operation of the Home.  
  • To ensure that all young people have a copy of the young people’s handbook and that all the necessary funding and care plan documents are completed. 


  • External relationships and partnerships working


  •  To attend Manager’s Meetings or other meetings as and when required by the Head Office. 
  • To establish and maintain good relationships with relatives and friends of the young people, referring agencies/Local authorities, the local community and any other parties with whom SureCare Residential works collaboratively with. 
  • To report within 24 hours of its occurrence any serious incident which affects the wellbeing of the young people to the Local Authority, Ofsted and other relevant bodies.  
  • To always welcome and be courteous to all visitors to the home, ensuring safeguard procedures are followed and upheld. 
  • To carry out audits where required and manage and complete any quality assurances required by the company, including Managers Monthly Quality Review. Any other duties that may reasonably fall within the scope of this post, as may be required from time to time and share information as required. 


Main Duties – Policies 

  • To understand the legal requirements of Ofsted and the Regulations and other legislations and ensure the home complies with Quality Standards, and whatever legislation or relevant standards that may be in force at any time.  
  • To personally have a full understanding and working knowledge of all SureCare Residential Homes policies and procedures and ensure that all these policies are always applied.  
  • To promote, practice and represent our company ethos, values and expectations at all time 


Personal Specification 

  • You will be Resilient, kind, caring, professional and understanding, even when challenging situations occur. We are here to support young people in their time of need, when they are at their worst. This will also reflect any staff /team challenges being managed. 
  • To seek and use utilise the Wellbeing resources available as necessary to support such challenges 


Training & Experience 

  • To successfully register with our regulatory body – Ofsted. 
  • To hold DSL within the home and operate as the Designated Safeguard Lead, managing all safeguard reporting and procedures in line with company policy, LA policy and regulatory expectations. 
  • Regular Supervisions from our Senior Management Team and Wellbeing Service to support your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) 
  • White Trees Induction Programme – (4 days) 
  • NFPS Physical Intervention and Behaviour Management Training (At times and as a last resort, you may need to use physical intervention to keep young people safe from themselves and to keep other young people, yourself and your colleagues safe.) 
  • Mandatory training required to be kept up-to-date. 
  • Continuous competency review monitoring by line managers. 
  • Partake and attend networking meetings, conferences and CPD sessions to develop and keep abreast of your own professional development in your role and of regulatory frameworks. 
  • At least 2 years’ experience of leading, supervising and managing a team of staff is required. 
  • Hold a completed Level 5 diploma in Leadership & Management or enrolment to achieve this within an agreed timeframe


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