Senior Children's Residential Support Worker
Saffron Walden
£33440.00 - £36560.00 Per Annum
Residential Care
Surecare Resident

Salary inclusive of:  Sleep Ins - £30 &  On Call Shifts - £60

QCF Level 3 minimum

      Job Role: Senior Therapeutic Project Worker

White Trees group is owned and operated by SureCare Residential Ltd.  Our role as a company is to provide a home for vulnerable and complex young people who find themselves in residential care for a magnitude of reasons, often completely out of their control and/or comprehension.  Our company was founded on the belief that what we do, not only keeps our young people safe and away from harm, we actually grow and develop and build brighter futures for all of the young people in our care.

It is important that you understand your role within the company as a Therapeutic Project Worker and spend as much time as possible learning about and understanding your role within the company.  It's not the individual that makes the difference in the long-term changes to a young person, it's the continuity that's provided through rigorous care planning, therapeutic interventions and understanding that the consistency of the team approach is what builds the brighter futures for all of our young people.

Personal Specification

  • You will be kind, caring, professional and understanding, even when highly volatile and challenging situations occur. We are here to support young people in their time of need, when they are at their worst.
  • You will be proactive, and inventive, to ensure a bespoke and individualised service is provided for each young person within the home.
  • You will have a positive outlook, and always strive to find new ways to respond to any difficulties faced.
  • You will be reflective upon your own work/skillset, and work on developing your role ongoingly.

Main Duties - In the Home

  • Provide primary basic care and a nurturing, (therapeutic) environment and ensure that all shifts reflect this practice
  • Ensure all relevant paperwork is completed daily, and to a high standard by all staff.
  • Complete debriefs for all staff and young persons when they have been involved in a physical intervention/incident (ensuring these are completed within regulatory timeframes).
  • Work with firm and consistent boundaries in order to create safety and containment for the young people.
  • Oversee key workers, ensuring they are supported in developing in this role, and meet all responsibilities required.
  • Ensure a meeting for the Young People is held weekly (minimum).

      Main Duties – Care Planning

  • Review all Care Plan updates, to ensure they detail the current needs of each young person within the home.
  • Review all Risk Assessments (RAMPs) and Positive Behaviour Plans updates for each young person to ensure these are current.
  • Ensure Pathfinders are created, worked towards, and are updated weekly.
  • Ensure a health and medical events sheet has been completed for all appointments within the month, and contain enough detail.
  • To work alongside the Registered Manager/Social worker to provide a comprehensive history of a child’s life and promote the young people's identities.
  • To liaise, where necessary, with other professionals, i.e. schools, social services etc. and diarise/record relevant information
  • To assist in preparation for reviews, meetings and attend these.

Main Duties – My Team      

  • Ensure Shift Evaluations are held and are effective in reflecting upon the running of the shift.
  • Be accountable for the safe running of the home during shifts, with the majority of time actively engaged with young people as part of the shift plan.
  • Being responsible for the organising of the house and the shift including day to day management and delegation to TPW’s .
  • Leading and Supervising TPW’s during each shift.
  • Be a positive role model at all times 
  • Develop the staff team through mentoring and being responsible for the daily operational aspects of CPD of the TPW’s you work directly with
  • Act as a member of the staff team, supporting colleagues and being prepared to receive support as necessary
  • Act flexibly, within reasonable bounds, in order to ensure the necessary cover for the home.

All above duties are in addition to the Therapeutic Project Worker role, please refer to this  job description o see details of this.


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